PTO/SIC Oct. 07, 2014

PTO/SIC Oct. 07, 2014

Meeting called to order at 4:35 pm


Second combined PTO and SIC meeting of the year! :)

Lauren, PTO/SIC Secretary, spoke about meeting minutes going paperless, and taking over the social media.

Motion made to approve previous meeting minutes by Ms. Spruce.

Motion to approve the fund request for Foxes Trot by Victoria Noyes

Both Second by Ms. Duncan



Michel: introduced SIC and explained the importance and need of SIC

• Explained 5 year plan

• SIC is a liaison for the parents

• SIC is responsible for reminding people of rezoning due to the opening of the new school (Dr. Corley)

> Old Biz: SIC needs to have position state by 11.15.2014

• Need to fill Chair – currently Michel

• Need Vice Chair

• Secretary (Lauren Brooks nominated, Gwen motion, Jennifer second)

• Need Parent / Community Member as Representative


Principal’s report:

  1. RCES has applied for a 21st century grant (afterschool grant) - $100k for the first 6 month, then $200k, then $175k, then $150k – it’s in conjunction with the outreach at Simmon’s Cay
  2. 3rd grade have had smoothies in the cafeteria (chocolate milk has been eliminated); they are made with a Tropicana mix and kale, called the Hulk. These are now being introduced daily, on a grade level basis (ie. 1st graders are on Fridays). They can be bought with the lunch or individually.
  3. The new media center (approx $50k) is in nearing its launch. Most eBooks will be offered on Overdrive, as well as possibly 4 vendors (depending on to cost and logistics).
  4. Road map to middle school is set for year 2 and the first meeting is this month


SIC closed




Boxtops campaign

• Kristen Rushin is heading up the Boxtops
• New process will give a percentage (10%) of the Boxtops back to the teachers – they will send a receipt with the tops in order to receive their 10%

-       Possibly incorporate boxtops into events

• Motion to implement 10% back to teachers (Ms. Spruce motion, Ms. Kubic second)


Boo Grams

• $1 each, 15¢ each to make = 85¢ profit per Boo Gram

• Proposed motion for a $15 flat rate for parents who would like to buy an entire classroom of Boo Grams, as opposed to buying individual Boo Grams for each student in the class.

 - Michel Claudio motioned, Jennifer Price second

• Request for up to $75 to spend on the treat we attach to the Boo Gram

            -Ms. Kubic motion, Ms. Visscher second


School Store (currently every Tuesday morning)

• Parents are asked to be on a committee for the School Store (there will be 2 meetings throughout the school year)

• We need a parent to head the committee 


Volunteer Spot – Gwen

• Website is set up that lets individuals sign up for volunteer hours for events

• Volunteer Coordinator (Ms. Duncan offered to take it over)


Golf Cart

• Club car is renting to us for 40% of the regular price

• Ms. Harms suggested this be paid under ‘Spirit Stuff’ column of the budget

-       Ms. Voght suggested that we rewrite the bylaws to better encompass what ‘Spirit Stuff’ means.


Fall Festival (please see attached notes)

• Changing from day to night

• Pre-selling ticket sets at a reduced cost, as opposed to selling individual tickets.

• Ms. Fries suggests we use PayPal


Bounce house
• $850 for 2
Silent Auction
• #1 seller is Lunch with Dr. Corley, so this year we are selling special teacher events with the students instead:
••Shannon Harwell and Teri Lyn Eaton have agreed to co-chair the auction
Games and activities
• PTO will pay to make these games (and it will never need to be purchased/made in the future) build day Oct. 18, 4 hours of work
• Teachers will no longer have to make the games or have to man the games
• Dunk Tank - $300
Jennifer Hinchey is coordinating the fire truck to be there


• Last year we spent $3400 and made $...

- Add clean up to the budget
- Victoria Noyes has sent letters to the local grocery stores for gift card donations

* Budget for fall fest is $2783 (motion Kristen Wysoki, second Jennifer Price)


PTO Closed


Meeting adjourned at 5:45