PTO/SIC Dec. 2, 2014 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:34 pm


Gwen filling in for Victoria due to illness

No minutes yet. Ms. Ryan will post them by the end of the week.


Treasurer report, Ms. Harms… we are making money!

  • Goal was to break even (make this an investment for years to come), but we ended up making $2,500.
  • The bounce houses were the most expensive part of the fall festival, and we forecast that next year it will be the only cost to consider.


Old News:

Fall Festival

  • Fall Fest showed a need for a Pre Sale line instead just selling at the door.
  • Possibly use QR code for pre sale in the future.

* Jackson Harwell, Student Council:

  • Kids thought taking your shoes on & off at the different stations was cumbersome.
  • All the kids liked all the games.

* Michel: Some people mentioned that there should be more places to sit (ie eating area).

* Gwen: we had too many volunteers, not enough places to ‘employ’ them.

* Ms. Harms: Ms. Viscovich wrote a sweet letter of appreciation for having the ability to enjoy the festival instead of working it.


Inspiration wall in the teachers break room.


SIC Old Biz:

Parent Tech Night in the near future, possibly Feb 2015

Palmetto’s Finest, Capitol improvement project: we didn’t get blinds, and other smalls things because we simply could not get them done in time (mostly maintenance).


SIC & School Board meeting is next Tuesday, Dec. 9 at 7pm


Principal’s Report:

2 dates for Choice School Explanation

  1. Jan 7 at RCES, 1 am (10 am) and 1 pm meeting, to show what RCES project based learning goals are. Watch a video as the school tour where students tell their RCES stories/experiences using a QR & iPad.
  2. Feb 12 (Lincoln’s birthday!) at BLHS at 7pm to talk about the choice item for that particular school

Discussed the ‘opting in’ process, the zones, and how they affect families.

Visit from Palmetto’s Finest (yesterday):

Michel represented SIC and Gwen represented PTO… it was a great meeting that, as well as others that volunteer and help throughout the school. They asked questions that were enlightening and rewarding. Lots of gushing about RCES being a great school. Teresa Ullman talked to them about RCES’s involvement in the community and in the Spanish community.

Student council met with them and peppered them with questions.

>>Meeting adjourned after the Secretary left. Minutes not complete.