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The Board of Education for Beaufort County Schools enacted a uniform policy that began in 2009-2010 in all elementary and middle schools and was implemented in all high schools in 2010-2011.

The elementary schools in Bluffton have been “uniform schools” for some years. However, there are some notable differences in the board’s rulings with regard to uniforms.

The four most notable differences are these:

Shirts-  are to be tucked in at all times, any shirt worn under the uniform is to be white, regardless of the length of the sleeve, and anything worn over the uniform needs to be the school uniform top colors; a plain sweater or sweatshirt or spirit sweatshirt.

Belt - For those in 2nd through 5th grades, a belt must be worn if the attire has belt loops.

Jackets are to be hung up upon entering the building; no jackets are to be worn in school.

Our school colors are red, yellow, and white. When translated to uniform shirts, the yellow is really gold, not yellow. (Some families have purchased pale yellow shirts. We have asked that they not return them, but to not purchase more of them in that color; to purchase, rather, red, gold, or white instead in the future.)

Uniform Bottoms - The bottom of the uniform color is navy blue. Pants, capris, shorts, skorts, skirts, and jumpers are all fine. Plain, one-piece dresses are not part of the uniform. The stitching on the uniform bottoms should only be navy blue. Uniform bottoms, like tops, should have no additional decoration on them (extra stitching, etc.). Uniform bottoms cannot be of nylon or knit; cotton, cotton blend, etc. (typical sturdy, uniform material) have been specified. There is no distinction about the color of socks, the color of shoes, or the color of belts. There is no distinction about the color of tights or leggings, however, we do not allow anything resembling jeans.

Shoes - We ask that shoes be rubber soled, completely covering the foot (not boots, not sandals, not Crocs)

The biggest issue last year with uniforms was forgetting to wear a belt. Please be sure that your child wears a belt to school every day. In the past, students have cut belt loops off to avoid wearing a belt. This is no longer allowed here at Red Cedar. One idea that has worked for some is to keep a spare belt in their backpack. Students should be well groomed in both their hygiene and their physical appearance. One thing that is not allowed: extreme/brightly colored hair.