ST 1.4

ST 1.4 - Students use technology resources to conduct research, demonstrate creative and critical thinking, and communicate and work collaboratively.

Beaufort County School District is a one-to-one district providing a device for all of our students. Students at Red Cedar in grades 3-5 take their devices home each day to extend learning outside of their school day. Students use these devices to research, design and create content and give them experience with computational skills. BCSD is a Google Apps for Education district allowing students to utilize the cloud-based platform to collaborate and communicate with other students and teachers on assignments and projects to support their learning and standards. Students can also interact with programs such as Discovery Education, Compass Learning, and ConnectEd and utilize various online websites such as Kahn Academy, Thingiverse, and Newsela.  In addition to personal devices, our students utilize other technology such as our 3D printers, green screen, and EV3 Mindstorm Lego Robotics computer programming interface. 

Tech Trek
During the first two days of school, teachers at Red Cedar Elementary School collaborated with district Technology Coaches and school technicians to run the Tech Trek. During the Tech Trek, students rotated through classrooms where they learned the basics of their new device, cybercitizenship, appropriate use and responsibilities and were able to set up software and systems they will use throughout the school year. The Tech Trek started off the school year on the right foot!

Second Grade Market Day
As part of the second-grade economics unit, students analyzed data collected from school research to determine which goods and services they would provide for Market Day. Students elected to design, print, and sell 3D snowflakes. Students analyzed the different costs of manufacturing their 3D snowflakes to determine what  the price of their snowflakes for Market Day. The students determined that the snowflakes should cost $2.00 each, but due to supply and demand they ended up lowering the price to $1.00 by the end of Market Day.

Snowflake Printing

Fifth Grade Westward Expansion - 3D Printing
In technology class, 5th grade students designed a symbol of Westward expansion on in collaboration with their social studies unit. Students researched why people were moving West and the challenges migrants and immigrants faced as they moved West. Students decided on a symbol that illustrated Westward expansion from their learning, created it on, and printed it on the Makerbot 3D printer. Students also had to write a summary explaining why their printed item was a symbol of Westward expansion.

Video Production/Green Screen Technology - Annoucements

To start each day at Red Cedar, you’re greeted with a student developed green screen video in place of traditional morning announcements to provide morning routines and important information. With guidance from the school media center and utilizing the TouchCast app, students have perfected their skills in video production.

In the example below, 5th grade students created a green screen video to summarize their understanding of Westward Expansion. The video was entered in a Worldwide TouchCast Contest and it Won first place! The requirement of the video was to connect it to an educational topic that the students were currently learning and must include three interactive features within the app.