ST 1.11

ST. 1.11 - Students are supported in their STEM learning through adult-world connections and extended day opportunities.  

Red Cedar students are supported in their STEM learning through real world connections, a key component of STEM learning. Our school provides opportunities for our students to have real world connections through their experiences and participation in Maker’s Faire, our STEM-centered clubs, The HIlton Head Symphony Orchestra and many more.  Field trips, or “field study” as we often call them, are an integral part of our problem-based PBL units. They serve to help engage in hands-on research about the subject matters as students work towards an end product.

The Fox Clubs offer a positive environment before and after school in which students can grow and thrive in their interests. We offer a variety of clubs like drum and dance, dance ensemble, drawing, and art club where students learn new techniques and spark students’ imagination.  The robotics club boost students' problem-solving skills, teamwork, creativity, and technical knowledge in an engaging, collaborative way. The RAKtivists and Planeeters clubs allow students to contribute in our community and our school though outreach projects with retirement homes and planting trees throughout Bluffton. The Sports club teaches club members the fundamentals of a variety of sports. Foxes Jam is an amazing opportunity for members to learn winds and violin at a very young age. Throughout the year the Foxes Jam perform for the school and they have even had the opportunity to perform the Cranford Hollow. All our clubs are an important step in preparing them for life outside of academics.


Maker's Faire
During our Annual Maker Faire in March, Red Cedar showcases both things that have been made by the students as well as “making in action” where items are made in real time. Teachers and students alike are on-hand to answer questions about their learning experiences related to the products that have been made. Parents and community members enjoy being a part of the learning, and at the Maker Faire they get the opportunity to jump in and learn alongside their children through many interactive stations.

Makerd Faire

Hilton Head Symphony Orchestrahose instrument

We benefit greatly from our partnership with the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra. They help us by providing instrumental lessons through our Foxes Jam club, visit our school to provide learning experiences, and invite large groups of students to attend concerts away from school. Our experiences with the professional musicians support our mindset of thinking in different ways and working as a problem solvers.  For example, during one session the maestro worked with students to problem solve through how the tones of instruments change based on the shape and size using homemade instruments. This hands-on experience allowed students to manipulate the hose and temper the sound to hear the effect.  Students learned about timbre and tone color through this real-world experience.


Foxes Trot
The Foxes Trot 5K is an annual event that strives to promote healthy lifestyle choices and offers our students and their families a real 5K race day experience at a low cost.  For the past two years it has been a PBL project completed by a committee of 4th and 5th graders with teacher help.  The students had a variety of responsibilities for the planning and preparation of the race.  

The student committee members:

  • Wrote and delivered persuasive letters to local community businesses to sponsor the cost of putting on our event.

  • Wrote Thank You notes to Community Sponsors.

  • Planned and Created Commercials and Posters to advertise and promote our event school/district wide.

  • Designed Awards/Medals and Race Shirts for

  • Water Bottle Station

     participants and winners.

  • Worked with local law enforcement and town officials to map/plan the race course and make sure the course is safe.

  • Served as Race Day Volunteers or ran the race itself.

  • Surveyed race participants afterwards to see how we could improve our race for the next year.

  • The students also selected two charities to donate any proceeds we made from race entries.  They selected to donate to our local Back Pack Buddies organization and also purchased special water fountains for our schools to encourage healthy choices for students.

Foxes Trot

Camp Bob Cooper

Each year, our fifth graders plan, raise funds and attend overnight camp at Camp Bob Cooper.  This is an incredible experience for our students to experience a variety of critical thinking, hands-on opportunities to support their learning. Some of their experiences included

  • Students study forest composition by identifying and classifying things found along a hike trail. They study roots, stump sprouts, seed dispersal, forest productivity. They work to calculate how many trees are needed to build a 2,000 square foot house.

  • Students learn how soils form. They use augers to explore the layers of soil. They test the pH levels of soil. They learn how different properties affect plant growth, animal use, water quality.

  • Students learn what types of pollution affect water quality. Students test water chemically and biologically. While wading in a stream or pond, students collect and identify aquatic invertebrates. Students determine the water quality by the presence or absence of certain species.

  • Students capture aquatic animals. They identify fish and invertebrates and learn how their characteristics and behaviors play a role in the ecosystem. They study habitats and how changes in a species affects the ecosystem.

  • Students also participate in a variety of activities which promote problem-solving and team building.  These include canoeing, a ropes course, team games, and archery.