ST 1.6

ST 1.6 - The interdisciplinary problem-based curriculum includes a focus on real-world applications.

With the help of Rubicon Atlas, our teachers build and utilize the unit maps, to ensure purposeful incorporation of  math, science, ELA, and social studies into their curriculum. A key component of our curriculum plan is our Project Based Learning Units. The PBL units have been intentionally embedded in our lesson plans, and allow our teachers to provide learning opportunities for our students across all subject areas.  One example of this type of integration is our Meteorologist in the Making. This opportunity allows our students to display their knowledge of science, math, and social studies using ELA strategies.

Curriculum Mapping in Beaufort County Schools
Beaufort County School District utilizes Rubicon Atlas as the main curriculum management tool. Atlas electronically incorporates curriculum mapping, tracks gaps and repetition in instruction, addresses the “Why” in performance testing, aligns curriculum to benchmarks and standards, produces updated reports to encourage partnerships, facilitates sharing of ideas and communicating them rapidly across buildings, schools and grades and shares requirements with students. Below is a sample of a Comparative Unit Calendar for Grade 3.

Comparative Unit Calendar

Project Based Learning Units
Red Cedar Project Based Learning units are written using the templates teachers were trained to use by the Buck Institute for Education (BIE).  All of the templates have been organized on Google Drive, as well as the work we have completed on the long range plan that was done prior to the start of the 17-18 school year.

Unit Chart
*Click here to view the Unit Timeline in PDF*

PBL in Google

PBL Unit Sample

Meteorologists in the Making
Each morning, students would use and local WSAV weather tracker site to gather daily weather information for our area and surrounding counties. Students tracked patterns and made predictions. Each homeroom presented the weather data information collected on the morning announcements as they became RCE meteorologists.

PBL Weather