ST 1.10

ST 1.10 - Community, post-secondary, and business/industry partners and/or families actively support and are engaged with  teachers and students  in the STEM program.

Red Cedar Elementary is fortunate to have a number of active community partners, family members and businesses that provide support for our teachers and students in their STEM learning. Their expertise and participation in our daily projects only strengthens the real-world connection for our students and builds a connection to their outside world. We strive to build an environment that welcomes the families of our students and other community members by hosting events such as ESOL STEM/Literacy Night, Shark Tank, and the Art Festival and including them in our task to build 21st Century learners. Even more importantly, as a part of our PBL/STEM learning, we need and benefit so much from having community members come into the school both in person and virtually to guide student learning.

ESOL STEM/Literacy Night
Through our ESOL Nights, we work to bring families into the school for the opportunity to help them understand our goals and include them in the process and learning with their child. At our ESOL/STEM Night, teachers read the book, Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty in both English and Spanish. After discussion and explanation of what STEM is and how we incorporate it throughout the day, families worked collaboratively to be architects and construct stable structures using noodles and marshmallows. They worked to see the value in their language and discussion to complete their task.

ESOL Night

Red Cedar Arts Festival
The Arts Festival at Red Cedar Elementary School is a day when different professionals from the community who work in Arts related fields come in and present to the students on what they do, the skills they need to complete their job each day and how they got to where they are now.  Each grade level has the opportunity to interact with these community professionals, learn about their area of expertise and how students could pursue a career in that particular area of the Arts.

Arts Festival

First Grade Leaders Panel

Our first grade students were challenged to determine what qualities make someone a good leader.  As part of their research they interviewed a leadership panel consisting of leaders in our community.  They used their knowledge from the interview, research about historical leaders, as well as class discussions to design a museum that would highlight leadership qualities of different memorable American heroes.

Leaders Panel

Red Cedar Stew
All grades, students, staff, teachers and outside stakeholders take a part of this project. Our principal, Dr. Corley, explains more here! 

Everyone hard at work chopping!

Fox Shoppe
To raise money for their 5th grade camp, students started a "Fox Shoppe," which was a mobile cart of items featuring the school mascot, Foxy. Students raised almost $6,000, which was enough to reduce the price of their camp by about $60 per student. The students conducted research surveys to determine which items to sell, developed their own pricing to ensure that they would make a profit, conducted regular inventory, and made new supply orders as needed. Students invited local community members to a presentation on the project, including our mayor, Lisa Sulka. Students asked these community leaders to contribute to the project by donating $75 to help start and grow the shoppe.

Fox Shoppe Collage

Career Fair

It’s never too early to start consider life goals and career paths. To help our students begin to reflect on their career path and have experiences with industries they may not have access to outside of school, Red Cedar Guidance Department hosts an annual Career Fair. Community and business partners engage with fourth and fifth grade students at Red Cedar during our Career Fair.  They helped to reinforce the concept of how scientific analysis and technical skills are important in many career fields.