Ms. Ruiz and Ms. Hess-Johnson

Hello My Name Is...

Liliana Ruiz and Cathy Hess-Johnson

Ms. Liliana Ruiz, Pre-K       

My name is Liliana Ruiz and I was born in Colombia, South America, and therefore I also speak Spanish. I've been teaching Pre-K since 2006, and I came to teach at Red Cedar on 2010. Teaching is my passion as I believe that every child can learn and succeed if is supported by a good program and a safe environment. As a teacher, I have the ability of introducing them to a new world, and encourage them to love school and see the importance of learning through playing. However, the most important thing I don't want to forget is that children are enthusiastic about learning, and they are inquisitive and curious. They are always prepared to let the scientists inside them come out. That's why my assistant, Mrs. Hess-Johnson, and I as a team are focused on preparing them as much as we can to get them ready for Kindergarten.


Mi nombre es Liliana Ruiz y naci en Colombia, Sur America, por lo cual tambien hablo Español. He enseñado Pre-K desde hace el 2006 y en el 2010 llegue a Red Cedar. Enseñar es mi pasion ya que yo considero que todos los niños pueden aprender y tener exito si son apoyados por un buen programa y un ambiente seguro. Como maestra, tengo la habilidad de introducirlos a un nuevo mundo y animarlos a querer la escuela y ver la importancia de aprender, a traves del juego. Sin embargo, lo mas importante y que no quiero olvidar es que los niños son entusiastas acerca del aprendizaje, asi como muy curiosos, y siempre estan listos para dejar salir el cientifico que hay en ellos. Por eso es que mi asistente, Mrs. Hess-Johnson  y yo, como un equipo, estamos enfocadas en prepararlos tanto como podamos para que esten listos cuando llegue el momento de pasar a Kindergarten.        

Hello My Name Is...

Cathy Hess-Johnson
Cathy Hess-Johnson, Pre-K Assistant

Native of Indianapolis, Indiana, I began my career as a volunteer. I assisted with teaching art to Down syndrome and special needs children. I traveled across the United States and Europe.While living in Germany, I studied the German language for two years. I obtained two years of Liberal Arts studies and continued to study the German language, and I am currently learning Spanish. I began  to substitute teaching in 2011 for the Beaufort County School District, In 2012 I became Pre-K Teacher Assistant for Red Cedar Elementary School. I enjoy being part of such a great team and do my best to excel in teaching and learning from my students. Iam a member of the National Fraternity Phi Theta Kappa.